Our approach

We work on the food of the future in different ways. In our foodlab we translate trends into future food concepts, using our own curiosity and imagination. Secondly we create synergy by supporting food companies with innovation and development challenges. Thirdly we inspire by showcasing the most interesting techniques and insights during demos and tasting at our foodlab.


Translate trends into future food concepts
As frontrunners in the future food movement, Studio Fava sees trends and possibilities like no other. That’s why we continuously initiate new food concepts, creating prototypes, challenging business cases and collaborating to get the products on the market.


Support food companies with development challenges
Studio Fava offers support with the development of new food products, using the knowledge and experience of the team. Helping with new concepts, building recipes and scaling them up to industrial proportions.


Inspire with future food demos and tastings
Studio Fava organizes inspirational demos and tasting sessions, showcasing the most interesting techniques and ingredients for transforming plants into exciting flavors and textures.


  • Ideation/ brainstorm
  • Application research
  • Recipe development
  • Lab scale prototyping
  • Factory trials
  • Upscaling recipe and proces
  • Nutritional and allergen declaration
  • Shelf life and food safety
  • Packaging and labelling
  • Sensory analysis


  • Vegetable based products
  • Plant based meat alternatives
  • Plant based dairy alternatives
  • Plant based seafood alternatives
  • Plant based egg alternatives
  • Plant protein fermentation
  • Binding systems
  • Novel plant proteins

Wonder what the future tastes like? Join us in our lab and see what’s cooking.